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The Encino Neighborhood Council is made up of individuals from our community who are interested in improving and maintaining the quality of life of the stakeholders of Encino.
  We are empowered by the City of Los Angeles with making city services more accessible and responsive to the community. We are a totally volunteer Council elected by stakeholders of Encino.

If you would like to have a voice in our City and Community, please join us in working toward that goal. The ENC has committees dealing with Community Projects, Transportation (Traffic), Van Nuys Airport, Legislation, Outreach and Encino Bylaws and Elections

The Encino Neighborhood Council (ENC) was certified by the City of Los Angeles on October 8, 2002, and the first election was held in July 2003. It was formerly known as the Encino Community Council.

The ENC regular meetings are scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Encino Community Center, 4935 Balboa Blvd., Encino, CA 91316.


Please call 818-255-1040 and let us know the area in which you are intersted and how we may contact you.

Elections for the seven area representatives and two new at-large positions to be held on June 9th. The kick-off of the elections will take place at the March 23rd Council Meeting.


Mission Statement
  The Encino Neighborhood Council (ENC) provides a forum for community participation through means of discussion of issues and projects facing Encino. The Council will work with the community in presenting proposals and recommendations to their City Council representative. In addition, they will provide funds and seek grants for community projects.

The ENC will encourage community involvement in the decision-making process on public safety, projects, traffic and transportation, land use, and quality of life issues. The Council will represent the community on Encino and city-wide issues to the City Council and the Mayor. It will be committed to the betterment and well-being of the residents and businesses of Encino.

The Encino Neighborhood Council welcomes communication between the Council and the community through monthly meetings and committee participation. The ENC will meet regularly with its City Council representative, and will invite knowledgeable speakers to the monthly meetings to present pertinent information on issues of concern.

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